Install Kaspersky Security on Mac

Install Kaspersky Security on Mac

Install Kaspersky Security on Mac


Note: Kaspersky Security for Mac license will work with Kaspersky anti-virus on Mac operating system only. To activate Kaspersky on your Windows operating system, please purchase Kaspersky Internet Security for Windows license.


Step: -1

Start Parallels Desktop, click on File and choose Install Antivirus for Mac to start installation of the software that will protect your Mac.

Install Kaspersky Security on Mac

Step: -2

Select Kaspersky Security for Mac from the list of available Security software and click Install.

Install Kapersky Securit on Mac

Step: -3

Follow the installation wizard to start installation. ‘Install’

Install Kaspersky Security on Mac

Step: -4

Enter your Mac user password to confirm the process.

 Install Kaspersky Security on Mac

Step: -5

Activation of a trial copy

After installation you will have 30-day complimentary license for Kaspersky Security for Mac.

 Install Kaspersky Security on Mac

Step: -6

Activation with a commercial key

Start Kaspersky Security and click Protection menu, select License.

If you have a license, enter it and click on Activate.

If you do not have a commercial license, you will be able to purchase a subscription renewal using in-product purchase option, after a trial period of the protection software expires.

Note: if you purchase a license from the previous Kaspersky Anti-Virus version installed on your Mac, the license will not work with the new Kaspersky Security for Mac installation. Please purchase a license the new Kaspersky Security for Mac installation to ensure it is compatible with the latest Kaspersky software installed on your Mac.

Enter the license, which you purchased and click Activate button to activate the application.

After a license key is added, you can find it in the list of reserved keys in the Kaspersky Internet Security: License window:

Install Kaspersky security on Mac

In this case, remove the expired key, and your new key indicated under the Reserve section will be added as an active license. The license will be used from the moment of Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac activation.



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