Remove Kaspersky Security Steps by Steps

Remove Kaspersky Security Steps by Steps

Remove Kaspersky Security:-


Kaspersky Security Remover is a small tool with a very specific purpose: to help you uninstall Kaspersky from your computer.

With Kaspersky Security Remover you can permanently remove Kaspersky Security from your computer. It’s an official tool created by the same developer and guides you through the uninstall process until it’s finished successfully.

Here’re instructions for removal Kaspersky Internet Security, Kaspersky Antivirus, Kaspersky AntiSpam and other similar Kaspersky products.

Step: -1.

Download and install Uninstall Tool.
Kaspersky Security remover

Step: -2.

Find Kaspersky Internet Security in the programs list (or just type “kaspersky” to find it immediately).
Step: -3.

Double click on the found item in the list and wait while uninstall process is finished. Carefully follow all uninstaller’s instructions.
Step: -4.

Uninstall Tool will remove all leftover traces afterwards (using Uninstall Wizard ™ technology).
Step: -5.

Reboot your computer.

If you haven’t found the program in the list, try browsing System category. You may also try Force Removal feature to remove the entry completely from your system registry.


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