How to use Norton Power Eraser Virus Removal Tool

How to use Norton Power Eraser Virus Removal Tool

How to use Norton Power Eraser Virus Removal Tool

Norton Power Eraser is free security software from Symantec, which removes deeply embedded and difficult to remove crimeware that traditional virus scanning may not always detect. If you find that your regular antivirus software is unable to detect or remove rootkits, persistent malware, scamware, rogueware, scumware or crimeware, you can use the Norton Power Eraser to target and eliminate them.

Here are some steps to download, install and scan for Norton Power Eraser.

Step: -1

This freeware is portable and does not require to be installed. You have to simply click on the downloaded .exe file to run it. The main window is pretty simple and includes 3 buttons

  1. Scan for Risks
  2. Undo Previous fix
  3. Advanced Options.

Norton Power Eraser Virus Removal Tool

Step: -2

Clicking on the settings link in the top right corner will allow you change a few settings like

  • Network Proxy settings
  • Scan settings
  • Log settings, etc.

Norton Power Eraser Virus Removal Tool

Step: -3

Clicking on the Advanced Options will present you with the following window.

Under Advanced Options, you see the following options:

  • Using Reputation Scan, you can scan a folder or a file for its reputation
  • The System Scan performs a standard scan
  • The Multi-Boot scan performs a scan on the operating system you specify
  • The Unwanted Application scan will warn you of unwanted software and browser plugins

The tool also gives you the option to review past repair sessions and undo them using the Undo previous fix button.

Norton Power Eraser Virus Removal Tool

Step: -4

Then clicked on Back to go back to the main window and clicked on the Scan for Risks button to run a complete scan. The tool will require you to restart your computer, so save all your work first and click on Restart.

The scan took a minute or so on my system.

Norton Power Eraser Virus Removal Tool

Step: -5

Once the scan completed, It will present with a set of results, which include some files it felt were of doubtful or risky nature. It classifies the files as Bad or Unknown and offer to Remove or Repait the file, based on Cloud Scan results.

Norton Power Eraser Virus Removal Tool

If you are convinced that a file listed here may be of a malicious nature you can select Remove or Repair, as the case may be. Norton Power Eraser will ask for a restart and remove the malware from your system.

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