How to Share Printer

How to Share Printer

Printer sharing:


Here in this article, we are going to brief you about how to share a printer. If you have a printer attached to your computer and you can share it with the same network for anyone. It doesn’t matter what kind of printer you have, as long it is installed on your computer and it is directly connected with USB cable or other type of printer cable. To whom you want to share the printer with will be able to use it to print, as long as they first locate your computer on the network.

Printers that are directly connected to a network rather than attached to a computer are available to anyone on the same network. Such printers must have a network port or wireless connection that allows them to connect directly to the network.



Printer sharing steps :

Steps : First

  • Go on Run (win+R)
  • Type control and Hit OK
  • Click on Device and Printers
  • Select your printer and do right click
  • Select Properties
  • Click on sharing Tab
  • Click on printer share check box
  • printer
  • Apply and OK.
  • Install printer driver on which computer to whom you want to share the printer.
  • After complete the installation you can use the printer

NOTE : After finishing these steps, open printer properties from control panel and try to print a test page. If successfully printed then your printer connected properly otherwise review the steps or Chat with us or call at +1 (800) 910-8694 now and get instant Support For Printer sharing.




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